Crowd Sources – Using social media as source material for a musique concrete piece.

Crowd Sources reflects the growing trend of posting audio on the internet. In the same way as is now common place to publish snapshots, selfies etc via instagram. This is not just musicians publishing their work but people posting all sorts of sounds they find interesting and want to share; something that hasn’t happened until this decade. So this piece is constructed entirely from sound snippets that people have donated to us via a social media network call for recordings which we will use to improvise on. The performance will be recorded and made available on the internet also via social media. This is an improvised piece to reflect the transient nature of social media audio posting. The structure of the piece is ultimately dictated by the length of performance slot we are given.


How the piece will work: This will be a one-off improvised performance, tailored to the length of slot we are given, using only material given to us to use from social media. If this project is given the go ahead we will put out our own call for audio on chosen social networks running up to the time of performance. We will then load the material onto our machines then go and perform. The resulting performance will be recorded and fed back out into the network again in the form of both audio and visual performance (youtube).

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